Character Blogging

For our first activity we will be building on our in-class study of narrative voice. Below is a definition to remind you:

Narrative Voice: The perspective from which the events in the story are observed and recounted. 

So we know that Harry Potter is written from Harry’s perspective, even though it is in third person. Writing from a particular character’s perspective can offer interesting insights and provide depth and authenticity in a novel.

For this task, you will need to:

  • Write a blog post in first person, from your chosen character’s point of view. This blog post will be between 400-500 words and will be in response to the Sorting Hat Ceremony, particularly describing what happens when your character puts the Sorting Hat on his or her head.
  • Title your blog with your character’s name and then ‘The Sorting Ceremony’. So for Harry, it would be ‘Harry: The Sorting Ceremony’.
  • Remember to date your entry and sign off at the end, as if it were a real blog post! You can also add an image at the beginning (Click on the ‘Add Media’ button) that represents your blog post.

Here’s an example of Harry’s entry for you:


1st September, 1991 – The Sorting Ceremony

As if everything else hadn’t been overwhelming enough, today we were Sorted into Houses by a talking hat. Yep, you heard me. A hat. That talks. It was more than a little bit creepy.

It’s not like in the normal world, or Muggle world, or whatever everyone calls it, where Houses are just for team sports and good behaviour rewards. I mean, I think there’s some of that involved, but at Hogwarts, we’re all sorted by personality. I’d heard that Draco Malfoy – who I already know I’m going to hate…. he reminds me of a skinnier blonde version of Dudley – wanted to be sorted into Slytherin, with other ‘purebloods’. I dunno what purebloods are, but they sound nasty. Anyway, that made me really want to be sorted into one of the other houses; any of the other houses, really. Except maybe Hufflepuff. For some reason two of the kids next to me were whispering and giggling about Hufflepuff students. Maybe they’re not very well liked or something (although I bumped into one in the corridor and he was alright, just patted me on the back and said ‘good luck, firstie’. Didn’t shove me back or anything).

So when my name got called, I flattened my hair (which was pointless) and tried to stand up straight, but in a sort of nice way, with a kind of smile, but I think it might have come out as more of a grimace. I probably looked like that sad ghost that flew through the candelabra. I was just hoping to make a good impression, in case the hat could see as well as talk.  It was awkward, because everyone was whispering. I probably had chocolate frog on my face or something. I still can’t get used to the idea that everyone here thinks I’m famous, for doing nothing at all.

The last thing I saw before the hat dropped over my eyes was the hall full of people, craning to get a look at me. Then everything went black. And I waited.

Then, the hat started talking to me.

It said it was really difficult to pick what House I should be in. Started going on about courage and whether I was smart or not and something about proving myself. I was really scared he was going to put me in Slytherin and the second I started thinking about it he suggested it! He said I’d be great in Slytherin. He probably wanted to put me there, but maybe it can’t put you somewhere you don’t want to be, because at the last minute, he shouted, ‘Gryffindor!’

I was so relieved. I had to wipe about a litre of sweat off my hands. Ron’s whole family is in Gryffindor, and they’ve been pretty nice to me so far, so hopefully it won’t be too bad. I’ll just have to wait and see, I guess. 

– Harry. 


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