Character Motivations, Aspirations and Interests

In our second activity you are going to focus closely on your selected character’s motivations, aspirations and interests.

Using Pinterest you will repost pins that convey and represent your character. Each time you post a pin you will include a comment from your character’s perspective.

Click on the below image to find a sample board which represents the lead character Harry.  This board showcases some of his hobbies, aspirations, likes and dislikes.


To successfully complete this task you must:

1) Sign up to pinterest

2) Create a new board labeled as your character’s name

3) Start pinning!

Use the search function to search for terms that may be relevant to your character. In the case of Harry we searched for Gryfindor, Quidditch, Ron and Hermoine, homework and more.

4) Comment on the posts that you pin to your wall from the perspective of your character.

5) Pin at least 10 posts to your character’s board.

6) Link the URL of the board to your character’s blog page.

Get creative and have fun with using social media to represent your character.


2 thoughts on “Character Motivations, Aspirations and Interests

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