Character Spin-off Films

In today’s activity you are going to draw from the pinterest page you created for your character and what you now know about their motivations, interests and aspirations.

Using this information you are going to choose the concept of a Harry Potter spin-off film which focuses on your character.  To show this concept and promote this spin-off film you will need to create an iMovie trailer for it.

While Harry Potter is the main character in the existing novel and film we have created a spin-off film trailer with the concept of Harry Potter battling to compete in the prestigious Quidditch Olympics.

Screen shots from our iMovie trailer.

Screen shots from our iMovie trailer.

Thus to create this trailer we selected the sports trailer theme in iMovie.

The film’s title is Citius Altius Fortius which is the real Olympic motto, Latin for faster higher stronger. View the iMovie trailer below.

To successfully complete this task you must:

1) Be familiar with iMovie, watch the tutorial below.

2) Write a paragraph description of your film concept to go on your character’s blog page. This must make it clear how the concept of the film connects with the interests, motivations or aspirations of your character. BUT it must still be written from the perspective of your character.

3) Create the trailer for your spin-off film. You can film new footage or mash-up footage from the first Harry Potter film as in our example or use a combination of both.

Please contact your teacher for a digital copy of the film, if required.

4) Link the completed iMovie trailer to your character’s blog page.

Take advantage of the existing genres in iMovie to create a maximum impact trailer. Make sure your spin-off film clearly connects to your character’s interests, motivations or aspirations.


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